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2021 super Clash of Clans tricks

clash of clans overview

Every game has its own rules and there are always tricks to manage things better. Among all the games, there is one strategy game which is currently super popular around the world, Clash of Clans (or CoC). It is crucial for you to learn more about clash of clans tricks, especially if you are a beginner.

Although some parts of the game are a bit boring and time-consuming, the wars between clans is really fascinating and fun. In this game, you are always busy with something, namely training your troops, upgrading, attacking somewhere to steal their resources or defending what you have built.

You can find some handy clash of clans tricks in this article, which are mainly for beginners. In this way, you can better manage your clan and build a good base.


  1. Do not use your gems if not necessary

Players always get tempted to use their precious gems on speeding up the time of upgrades. Never do this. It is really difficult to collect gems, so don’t waste them for no good reason. Do not rush for upgrades.

  1. Try to get more free gems

The second item in clash of clans tricks is getting free gems. The game rarely gives you gems, but you can earn some by playing the game or completing achievements. There are some obstacles with gem rewards as well. You only have to remember to collect what you have earned. Opening gem boxes is another way to win gems. Use all of these ways to earn as much free gems as you can.

  1. Have Thoughtful Attacks

Attacks are a vital part of the game. You should know where and how to attack different Clans. Goblins, archers and barbarians destroy everything in their way. In case there are some archer towers you need to use giants.

It is not wise to attack without considering the amount of gold or elixir the villages have. Look at the gold storages, are they full? Is it wise to attack?

  1. Use shields effectively

When you use shields, it means you are not getting invaded or attacked for a period of time. The shields you get depend on what happens to you during the game. At first you have a 3 day shield, and whenever enemies destroy your village you receive a shield ranging between 12 to 16 hours.

Be careful not to attack when you have an active shield, because you are going to lose it. However, it is still possible to play the campaign and do the clan wars without losing your shield.

Some players try to get revenge after being attacked. But our advice is not to do so. It is better to rebuild what you have lost. Fortunately, attacks seldom happen when your trophy count is under 500.

It is crucial to collect your loot at the loot cart when you were attacked; in order to get 20% of your lost loot back.

If you wish to attack without losing any of your trophies, it is better to only attack extractors or storages which are not protected.

  1. Your job is to build, train and upgrade

If you do not get your troops ready and trained, you are definitely going to regret it after a war. Therefore, you always have to be busy with upgrading and training.

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  1. Why you should not upgrade your town hall

It is better to focus on your troops training and building upgrades rather than upgrading your town hall. Specially after level 5. But why? Because when you attack players who are at a lower level, you will get less loot. For example, the resource amount you can steal in the first five levels is double that of that you would have gotten when you are at level 10! I hope you are convinced.

The key point is that town halls from level 1 to 5 are not penalized at all!

  1. Powerful Defense

If you would like to have defense towers, it is better to build them behind walls for more protection. Plus, in this way archers are able to shoot the enemies. You can place builder’s huts, laboratories, spell factories, barracks and also army camps outside the wall, therefore attackers will destroy them first.

Moreover, try your best not to have unnecessary buildings in your walls.

  1. Does your base have holes?!

Beginners should be warned not to leave holes around their village. Holes mean the troops can easily enter. However, when you get more skilled, you may put holes to trap the enemy on purpose.

  1. It is fine to place some structures outside the walls

Among all the structures you build in the game, there are some with lower value compared to your precious resources. Hence, you can put things like Army Camps, Barracks, Labs, Altars, Workshops and Spell Factories outside the wall as explained in the previous item.

Keep your resources in the safest place! Some even put their town hall outside the walls for more protection. It totally depends on your strategies.

  1. How to manage your resource counts

The last tip in clash of clans tricks is managing your resources. When someone sees you have a lot of golds and elixirs, they would like to attack you. The more precious resources you have, the more the chances of getting attacked. So, why not spend your golds and elixirs for upgrades and structures or trainings whenever possible?

Please note that upgrading walls can discourage attackers to a large extent.

These were some of the clash of clans tricks for beginners. Once you get more acquainted to the game, you will need more sophisticated clash of clans tricks.


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